George Rodrigue

George Rodrigue was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun country. For more than forty years, his work has remained rooted in the familiar milieu of home.

During the mid-1960s following six semesters at the university of Southwest Louisiana Rodrigue attended the Art center College of Design in Los Angles, where the graduate school’s curriculum provided him a nuts and bolts foundation in drawing and painting. Outside of art school, L.A. was full of Pop and Abstract influences, and it was an exciting time for a young artist in A,merican. However, much like today critical success depended on one’s New York visibility. Nevertheless, Rodrigue returned to Louisiana. he would use its symbols not only to capture the essenes of his personal world, but also to express his spiritual and cultural ideas as they pertained to Louisiana, to the South and to America. Rodrigue decided that he would not be a Louisiana artist in New York City; instead he would return home with his new knowledge and give meaning to a new phrase: Cajun Artist.

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