15 Oct 2010

How to Paint in the Realism Style

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All my life as an artist I have always wanted to paint like the masters. Like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Degas and on and on. The problem is it takes years to develop the skills necessary to be able to paint the kind of detail it takes to illustrate a realistic still life. The knowledge you must have to paint with sophisticated brushstrokes and your extensive color palette. It would take me decades to develop this kind of artistic maturity. It is very frustrating when you know that it is going to this kind of time to reach the levels of the masters that you idolise. This is why you need to take a course from a master like Delmus Phelps. No not the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Delmus Phelps is an artist who paints in the realistic style and who has over 35 years of experience as a successful painter. I took his course and in less than a year I was painting like a master!

Being influenced by his family, Delmus has studied art since high school. In the early 70′s he won the Virginia Wildlife Conservation Poster Contest, and also had his work selected for his school’s senior yearbook cover. Delmus continued his training under the tutelage of the late Howard Coleman, studying at the studios of the Lynchburg Art Club on Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, Va. while serving in the United States Air Force, he continued his art studies through the University of Maryland. However, this career put his painting on hold until returning to Lynchburg. Self study has included a particular interest in sharp-focus realism of Ken Davies. Since returning to the canvas, Delmus has won the W.D.Campbell award at the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center juried show in 1990. His first still life made it to the Judges Fence at The Lynchburg Art Festival during Kaleidoscope Weekend 1992.

Unfortunately, he is not a Louisiana native but nobody is perfect. What he is, is a genuine person who has served his country and was talented enough to make a good living as an amazing painter. Just take a look at his work.

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If you would like to learn more about his course that teaches you to paint like him then you must check out this post here called How to Paint Realistic.

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